Muddy Girl Camo

24 products

24 products

The Best Lifestyle Camo Hair Ties for Sport & Outdoor. 

As a Lifestyle Hair Accessory Brand, ZEVGANI stands for Quality, Comfort, and Performance. Our Lifestyle Camo scrunchies all have the  Z Factor: they do the job right. They keep your hair out of your face using today’s modern premium fabrics and technology. We’re proud to carry a collection of the wildly popular Lifestyle Camo and Muddy Girl which is the number one Camo for women. 

The Lifestyle Camo fabric developed in the USA and handmade manufactured entirely in Canada. ZEVGANI sport and lifestyle camo accessories always hit the mark. They're comfortable because they hold your hair firmly but never pinch your scalp or pull your hair. You just pull a scrunchie out with no tangles, no creases, or kinks left behind. Our Lifestyle Camo & Muddy Girl Scrunchies are made with the best fabric technology.

Hiking, biking, fishing, or camping wear our Muddy Girl Camo hair accessories for a chic, fresh and pretty look. Wear our scrunchies for your day-to-day activities, workouts, sports & outdoors. Designed with premium performance fabric. Our favorites vibrant patterns of Lifestyle Camo: 

  • Muddy Girl Camo comes in two colorways that are mixed together. Purple and Pink Camo are mixed with black grey and white. The pink is vibrant, the purple is royal—a statement style for the country girl.
  • Muddy Girl Camo Serenity scrunchies are a mix of teal and navy. The tree and sticks pattern includes touches of white and green. This is a chic Camo in a summer sort of way.
  • The Toxic Camo hair tie is a little on the wild side. Glorious in neon green, black, and tree leaf green the Toxic has touches of white. This is how to get noticed with texture and style.
  • Harvest Moon Camo can be dressed down or dressed up. Pattern made of using black, white, and grey. Pretty sophisticated for the countryside and a stand-out look.