Camping & Hiking: Best Sports & Camo Hair Accessories for women

If you love outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, mountain biking, horse riding or if you’re a big game hunter you know about cold, wet weather. Step after step, breath after breath, you're slowly getting somewhere in the woods, and above the tree line before you know it. There's something else you're working on, too: the ponytail-hair struggle.

Everyone who has ever worn a hair tie knows the pain of pulling out along your luscious hair. Regular hair ties can do so much damage to your hair.

If you have been looking to find the best camo hair ties to match your outdoor outfit but just don’t know what to use to prevent damage to your hair then Zevgani Lifestyle Camo Scrunchies is the answer. Yup, no doubt about it- being in the woods is so much better when your hair is back from your face.

Let’s start with the most obvious reason scrunchies are superior: they’re comfortable and soft. ZEVGANI offers a range of Lifestyle Camo scrunchies that are soft, odour-resistant, lightweight made to stretch material and you can easily match it to your outdoor outfit. Our favourites Muddy Girl, Muddy Girl Serenity  Toxic and Mossy Oak Camo patterns that are mixed with a playful silhouette of classic leaves and branches print for a look that really stands out for every outdoor occasion and holds your hair throughout an entire routine.

Becoming an outdoors woman and following your passions can encourage an appreciation of what we see and a desire to better understand and care for nature. Some of these activities such as mountain biking or camping can be stimulating, challenge your limits, and provide fun and adventure. A way to have the best experience possible is to keep your hair back from your face. And when you're hot and sweaty, it's awesome.

ZEVGANI Camo Hair Scrunchie perfect for any hair type whether it is long hair, short hair, fine hair or thick hair. It will become your favourite hair accessory wherever you go.

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